Don't Put It Off Another Day

If you carry (or plan to carry) a firearm for self-defense, please do not deceive yourself into thinking that self-esteem is the same thing as skill. In moments of conflict, we do not rise to the occasion, we default to our training. Your Defcon Defense instructor can offer an objective evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses with your gun. We have four reactions to stress: fight, flight, freeze or posture. If your plan is to fight effectively, you're going to require some training. The other three responses will work themselves out but probably not in your favor. — Click a Class Name below to Get Started Today...

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  Private Lessons   —   Jul 22, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Jul 25, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Jul 29, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Aug 01, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Aug 05, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Aug 08, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Aug 12, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Aug 15, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Aug 19, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Aug 22, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Aug 26, 2019

  Private Lessons   —   Aug 29, 2019