About John

John Tyson Hudson has been instructing firearm owners in the ways of safe firearm use, self defense and tactical, practical shooting for nearly a decade. Nearly everyone he has trained describes John as very attentive, personable, patient and highly skilled and knowledgeable, He has racked up a lot of reviews — all positive — and has improved the shooting skills of hundreds of gun owners.

Unless you're shooting at competition level (and in some cases, even if you are) there is a great chance you'll improve your speed, efficiency and accuracy by taking a course or having a private lesson at Defcon Defense.

You'll acquire the kind of training that may one day save your life or the lives of those you love. Check out our classes and class schedule and take control of your personal security today.

Extensive Training & Experience

213 Total Hours of Certified Training

Advanced Combat Pistol Level I (3 times) C.L.E.E.T. Acredited: 48 Hours

Advanced Combat Pistol Level II – C.L.E.E.T. Acredited :16 Hours

URBAN RIFLE / TACTICAL CARBINE (Level I) C.L.E.E.T. Acredited :20 Hours

URBAN RIFLE / TACTICAL CARBINE (Level II) – C.L.E.E.T. Accredited: 16 Hours

NRA Instructor Home Firearm Safety Course: 11 Hours

NRA Instructor Pistol Shooting Course: 16 Hours

NRA Instructor Shotgun Shooting Course: 17 Hours

NRA Rifle Shooting Course: 20 Hours

NRA Instructor Personal Protection In The Home Course: 15 Hours

NRA Chief Range Saety Officer: 14 Hours

Grossman Academy: On Combat: 8 Hours

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events: 4 Hours

Sheepdog Seminars for Churches and The Bullet Proof Mine: 8 Hours

Oklahoma Certified E.M.T.

USPSA Competitive Shooter

Tactical Shotgun Competitions

3-Gun Competitor