My shot improved in the short amount of time we had

John is very passionate about his firearms education and training for others and will teach you to the best of his ability - which is incredible! He is patient and understanding when he has students that have not been around guns before and are nervous when dealing with them. He can make someone go from being terrified of holding a gun to feeling comfortable when holding, handling and shooting it. I have shot guns for years but recently took John's SDA class and I had no clue how much improvement I needed and how much knowledge I lacked. Not only did I learn so much in his class but also my shot improved in the short amount of time we had in class. Although he is my brother and some may think I am biased… I couldn't recommend a better person! You wont come across anyone else that is as passionate and knowledgeable as he is when it comes to teaching others about the safety and education about firearms. — Amy Hudson