I felt totally safe and learned so much.

Thank you John Tyson Hudson Defcon Defense. Really a great class whether you are getting a conceal carry or just fine tuning your shooting skills. Learned allot on situational scenarios that I might encounter when I am carrying. Second Amendment rights. How to handle a gun safely when you are training, carrying, or cleaning. Then for the hands on training, shot fifty rounds through my new pistol Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm. This was probably for me the most difficult part of the class. I am not a gun person at all. But when you are shooting there are several things that you are trying to remember. Grip, the wall, safety, sights and breathe. I had trouble with some of these but John is real patient and encouraging. With practice, and some more shooting classes with John I will become an efficient, safe, and confident concealed carry gun owner. Thank you John